quinta-feira, 3 de setembro de 2015

Hoje é tempo para falarmos da vida dos Outros / Now it´s time to talk about other people's lifes

Muitas vezes perguntam-me porquê escrevo sobre a vida dos príncipes e princesas? "Não terás algo de mais útil a fazer?". A verdade é que uma pessoa é feita de um conjunto de valores, gostos, hábitos e sonhos. E o facto de escrever sobre a "vida dos outros" não nos impede de fazermos um sem número de outras coisas ditas "úteis".
People often ask me why I write about the lives of princes and princesses? "Don't you have something more useful to do?". The fact is that a person is made of a set of values, hobbies, habits and dreams. And the fact that writing about "the lives of others" not stop us from doing a great number of other things said do be"useful".

Hoje É O MOMENTO DE FALARMOS DA VIDA DOS OUTROS. Vidas que estão a ser perdidas há anos, um flagelo que acontece debaixo dos nossos narizes, e que a maioria de nós fecha os olhos.
Today IT'S TIME TO TALK ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE'S LIFES. Lifes that are being lost for years, a scourge that takes place under our noses, and that most of us look aside.

O editorial do Público desta quinta-feira.
Posted by Público on Quinta-feira, 3 de Setembro de 2015

Esta imagem é capa de hoje de imensos jornais em todo o mundo. Uma criança branca de 3 anos, vestida com roupas ocidentais, com a cabeça na areia. Morta numa praia do Mediterrâneo. Mais uma vítima da vaga de refugiados que tentam fugir para Europa, vindos da Síria, Turquia, Iraque, Iémen, Líbano...
This image is the cover of today's newspaper worldwide. A white child, aged 3 dressed in Western clothes, with his head in the sand. Dead on a Mediterranean beach. Another victim of the wave of refugees trying to flee to Europe from Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon ...

Please take a moment to think about this staggering fact. This means that the overwhelming majority of people arriving...
Posted by UNHCR on Terça-feira, 18 de agosto de 2015

Até quando vamos construir muros em vez de pontes? Até quando vamos negar asilo a que deixou de ter um país? Até quando vamos continuar a confundir migrantes, que saem do seu país por escolha à procura de melhores condições de vida, com refugiados que MORREM à procura de uma hipótese de sobreviver?
How long will we build walls instead of bridges? How long will we deny asylum to someone who doesn't have a country anymore? How long will we continue to confuse migrants who leave their country by choice in search of better living conditions, with refugees who DIE looking for a chance to survive?

Refugee or migrant? The UN Refugee Agency explains the difference and why it matters.
Posted by United Nations on Quinta-feira, 27 de agosto de 2015

Eu sei, nem sempre é fácil. Mas quem estiver a ler esta mensagem na segurança do seu lar, no seu computador, ou telemóvel, com certeza que está melhor do que qualquer uma destas pessoas.
I know it is not always easy. But who is reading this message in the safety of your home, on your computer, or mobile phone, surely is doing better than any of these people.

"This is a human tragedy that requires a determined collective political response. It is a crisis of solidarity, not a...
Posted by United Nations on Sexta-feira, 28 de agosto de 2015

Em termos solidários tenho vindo a aprender que não posso esperar que outros façam o mesmo que eu quero fazer. Que quando se quer fazer algo, não existem desculpas. Também tenho vindo a acreditar mais e mais nas pessoas e SEI do fundo do meu coração que juntos somos mais e mais fortes.
In solidarity terms I have come to learn that I can not expect others to do the same thing I want to do myself. When you want to do something, there are no excuses. I also have come to believe more and more in people and I KNOW from all my heart that together we are better and stronger.

The number of women and children passing through the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to seek refuge in Europe has...
Posted by UNICEF on Quarta-feira, 2 de Setembro de 2015

Deixo-vos três sites onde podem ler mais, e fazer, caso o entendam, o vosso contributivo a estes embaixadores da boa vontade. Eu e o Hugo já fizemos o nosso e estamos cheios de ideias para iniciativas.
I leave you three websites where you can read more, and do, if suits you, your contributory to these goodwill ambassadors. Me and Hugo have done ours and we are full of ideas for initiatives.

Disseram-me recentemente que o maior donativo que podemos dar são as nossas mãos para ajudar. Deixo-vos o desafio para hoje falarem da vida dos outros. Falem muito. Falem até que a voz vos doa. Procurem informações nas embaixadas, junto das vossas comunidades. Façam angariações de roupas, medicamentos, alimentos e outros produtos junto com os vossos amigos e vizinhos. Informem-se junto das vossas Paróquias locais e façam algo. Não esperemos por Governos para marcarmos a diferença.
Someone told me recently that the greatest gift we can give is a pair of hands to help. I leave you the challenge today to talk about the lives of others. Talk a lot. Speak until you voice leaves you. Search for information in the embassies together in your communities. Do some clothing, medicine, food and other products collect with your friends and neighbors. Search for Information about how you can help next of your local parishes and do something. Let us not wait for governments to make a difference.

What next for this little one?Our colleague met this young Syrian refugee and her parents, amongst exhausted refugees...
Posted by UNHCR on Domingo, 30 de agosto de 2015

Está a perder-se uma geração inteira de crianças segundo dados da UNICEF. Não podemos voltar a olhar para o lado. Nunca mais!
We are losing an entire generation of children according to UNICEF figures. We can not turn to look away. Not anymore!

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  1. Please understand what I am about to say and know that it is not to disparage or under appreciate what you have just written, it is just that I have a different view of the current refugee crisis. UNICEF has been around for a very long time and although they try very hard to help they do not have the resources to tackle the problem's root cause. The influx of refugee are thousands of Christians among others, but mainly Christians who are being displaced, run out of their country and homeland because they refuse to become Muslims. They are fleeing from the genocide that is being waged against them by ISIS. I applaud UNICEF and those who are bringing attention to the problem but enough is not being done by large nations like the USA to counter and stamp out ISIS, the cause of this mass exodus. Instead, US president fly around the world talking about junk science, i.e. global warning; refuges to recognize ISIS for the terrorist they are and is bent on helping Iran to get a nuclear bomb which they say they will use to destroy American and Israel. In the meantime, ISIS is raping women and child, selling them into slavery, beheading men and they boast about these atrocities producing vidoes, each one more horrific than the last, that are placed on social media while also taking over large swathes of land in Iraq with designs on other counties in the region. All this while little children, mothers and father must flee from their homes seeking a safe place to raise their families while those who should be leading the fight against the horrors people face in the nations directly affected by these atrocities, just look the other way. Lord have mercy on us all.

    Blessings on you for your kind heart and the wisdom you show for one so young.

    Best regards.

    1. My dear reader (I reaaly would like to know your name) thank you for the comment and the information contained therein. I want to tell you that I share your view 200%. It is ESSENTIAL that there is great support of the world's countries to deal with this deplorable situation. But we know that there are many interests behind, otherwise they would act a long time ago. When I wrote this post and when I appealed to the action of each of us, it is because I believe that a country is made by the people in it, not necessarily by the government that represents them. And I believe that each one of us has to know what is happening and must to be informed how to help. Obviously this situation, because of its magnitude, requires much more than good will. And I sincerely hope that our world leaders are pressured to act as their duty. Once again THANK YOU, VERY., VERY MUCH!

      Have a Good Day!!